WWF India 2023 Desk Calendar- Living Himalayas


  • Product details: Size: width 8.5” x 8” height
  • Paper – Eco-friendly/ FSC/ Recycled Paper
  • No of pages – 14 sheets with the planner
  • ‘Green days’ of the year, days dedicated to environmental causes mentioned for each month

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The breathtaking Himalayan calendar connects you to the mighty mountain range from the comfort of your home. It is a friendly and humble reminder that we can all be conscious travelers. The Himalayas are a living entity — tread softly, for we thrive because of it!
WWF India is working on conserving Himalayan landscapes across three regions — Western Himalayas (Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh), Sikkim and Western Arunachal Pradesh — with an integrated approach for biodiversity conservation, livelihood enhancement, and addressing the impacts of climate change.
This calendar brings you the Himalayas in their true essence – traverse the living, breathing mountains as you turn the pages to a new view each month!


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