Lapel Pin-Indian Roller


  • Material- metal | enameled
  • Perfect gifting solution- comes with a printed message card
  • Handcrafted with exquisite detailing
  • How to clean- wipe gently with a soft cloth and store safely

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State Bird : Andhra Pradesh , Odisha , Telangana & Karnataka

About the Bird : Indian Rollers are brightly coloured with various shades of blue on the wings, tails and belly that are often more prominent in flight. & it gains its name from the elaborate courtship displays, during which it performs some startling aerobatics culminating in a series of “rolling” motions.

Did you know? The signature move of the Indian Roller – tosses its prey into the air before catching it in its beak to eat! P.S. This glam will wipe away your Monday blues!

Add a touch of blue to your attire with the customised Indian Roller lapel pin.




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